Not Coul is an evidence-based, local campaign opposed to proposals for a golf development at Coul Links.

our mission

NOT COUL STANDS FIRM in its resolve in safeguarding the integrity of Coul Links. Through our relentless advocacy and proactive initiatives, our ambition is to inform the public of the threat and preserve this cherished Highland treasure for all the people of Scotland, today and into the future.

Born out of necessity in 2016, Not Coul formed to counter an inappropriate golf development threatening the Coul ecosystem. Ignited by community-driven passion and spearheaded by ecologist Dr. Tom Dargie, our grassroots movement quickly garnered universal appeal, attracting over 92,000 supporters nationwide.

In 2019, during a pivotal governmental inquiry, Not Coul fielded a team of experts to present compelling evidence in defence of Coul Links, alongside allied groups. Our prize-winning evidence-based advocacy came to a successful conclusion with the rejection by Scottish Ministers of the development proposal.

Now, in 2024, faced with a renewed threat of development, Not Coul remains resolute in our mission. We are poised to fight this new proposal every step of the way.


The Secret Life of Coul Links