14 April 2023


Please submit an objection to the C4C (Communities for Coul) planning application

You will be in the finest of company: Scotland’s National Poet (Makir), Kathleen Jamie has objected.

Read The Morrow Bird and be inspired. The future, the morrow, of Coul is in our hands.

The planning application was advertised 10 March, that was 28 days to comment

Deadline for all comments: was 7 April (Good Friday)

N.B that has passed. One statutory consultee, NatureScot, has asked for an extension

until 28th April. It is likely to be granted. If you still want to submit an objection, do so.

Not Coul cannot guarantee it will be accepted. Try and let us know if you are rejected.

View application documents (>80 of them) here:   Simple 
Search (

Enter application reference number: 23/00580/FUL

Why object?: multiple reasons are in pdf below – a working document (more to come) 

Reasons for objecting to C4C golf at Coul Links

It is time to make that objection: follow advice (online, letter, email) below




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